Monday September 9th

Morning Afternoon

9h30-10h30 : Invited talk

Grammar-Based Graph Compression

Sebastian Maneth - University of Bremen

10h30-10h45:  Coffee Break

10h45-11h45: Algorithmic aspects of graph compression using modular decomposition and its approximation

 Michel Habib, Fabien de Montgolfier, Lalla Mouatadid and Mengchuan Zou

11h45-12h15:  Graph compression by structural partitioning

François Pitois, Mohammed Haddad and Hamida Seba









14h00-15h00: Invited talk

Bipartite Incidence Graph (BIG) sampling — A scalable approach to graph sampling

 Li-Chun Zhang - University of Southampton

15h00-15h30: Querying Public Software Development at Scale

Thibault Allançon, Antoine Pietri, Stefano Zacchiroli

15h30-16h00: A  Neighborhood  Preserving Graph Compression

Abd Errahmane Kiouche, Julien Baste, Mohammed Haddad, Hamida Seba, Karima Amrouche

16h00-16h15: Coffee Break

16h15-16h45: Adaptive analysis of compact representations for surface meshes: empirical evaluations and theoretical guarantees

Luca Castelli Aleardi, Olivier Devillers

16h45-17h15: A distance preserving graph compression

Nicolas Pinson, Mohammed Haddad, Hamida Seba

17h15-17h45 : Coloring big real life graphs: DSAT-ratio and the core

Olivier Togni


Tuesday September 10th

Morning Afternoon

9h30-10h30: Open problems session

10h30-12h00: Working groups session

14h00-16h00: Project opportunities session



Allançon  Thibault

Baste    Julien

Bittner  Lucie

Castelli  Aleardi Luca

Choffrut Christian

de Montgolfier Fabien

Favardin Amin

Habib   Michel

Haddad Mohammed

Kharouf Malika

Kiouche Abderrahmane

Kirgizov Sergey

Kosowski Adrian

Légaré  Sébastien

Maneth  Sebastian

Massoulie Laurent

Mishra Suchismita

Mitsou Valia

Naserasr Reza

Patone Martina

Pietri Antoine

Pitois François

Seba Hamida

Stephan Ludovic

Togni Olivier

Viennot Laurent

Wang Zhouningxin

Xu Rongxing

Zacchiroli Stefano

Zhang Li-Chun